Gyroscope Iota V2

Tiny (1”x1”) 3 axis wired electronic gyroscope that allow you to track any movement. Perfect for FPV head tracking, robotics and all motion controlled electronic projects.

Now smaller, lighter, cheaper and with optional PPM output.

Product Details

Iota V2

Meet Iota

Servo signal with Arduino


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SimonR Customer

I built a camper-van and used the Iota for a self leveling bed. The bed is suspended on four 1M long lead screws which allow it to rise up for storage in the ceiling. In the down position, push a button and it self levels. It's much simpler than configuring & filtering an IMU and works pretty well, connected to an Arduino Nano. I only rated it 4 because it would be even better with an I2C / Serial interface as well as PPM.


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