Iota LPF

3 axis wired electronic gyroscope that act as potentiometer (analog outputs). It allows you to replace potentiometer in you electronic project with motion tracking.

Product Details

Iota LPF

It allows you to track the movement of the head or arm and convert it in analog signals outputs, exactly like a potentiometer. So, you can replace almost any potentiometer in your electronic projects.

Like other versions of the’s Gyroscopes, it can be configured as normal or reverse action mode.

For Do It Yourself (DIY) home project lover who dreams of doing a movement tracking system himself. This system has been specially designed for DIY in electronics or robotics for all ages; people who want to explore electronics and want their own system, but are less comfortable with advanced programming of accelerometers.

You can use one or more axes (X, Y, Z) independently. According to your needs.

To be more technical

The gyroscope outputs analog signals: 0 to input power voltage (5-12 volts) or 0 – 3.3 volts. Your choice. And independently for each axis. When turning on, the X and Y axis will output 2,5 volts (in case of 5 volts input) and will tend to 0 volt if you rotate the gyroscope one way (-90 degree) and tend to 5 volts the other way (90 degrees). The Z axis will do the same but with +- 180 degrees of rotation.

  • Replace almost any potentiometer in your project with movement control.
  • Pre-cabled hardness to facilitate integration in your project.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Used as motion sensor input instead of potentiometer for many existing electronic device.
  • Detect if an object is level or moving.
  • Analog outputs.


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