Interactive Countdown Timer

Specially designed to interact with external components

The “countdown” mode allows to activate external components as siren, beacon light, strobe, solenoid, relay and many others.

Product Details

Interactive Countdown Timer

Simply connect an internal or external battery from 6 to 16 volts according to the voltage of the element to be run (5 amperes max). Example: You want to run a 12 volt beacon light, just connect a 12 volt battery to the external battery connector. This mode also can activates the accessory for specific programmed duration. Ideal for precise exposure to light or any similar need.

The module has a programmable cancellation code to stop the countdown. This is perfect if you want to use it, for example, for a challenge where one has to stop the count before the end. Developed at the base for Military Tactical Simulation (MilSim) at Paintball. Add challenge to your scenarios!

The “chronometer” mode allows to calculate the time with an external switch. For example: a button of any kind or, in a race context, a start/stop door, a carpet with a contact and many others …

  • Count up or down.
  • Trig accessory for a specific time or at the end of the countdown.
  • Countdown can be stopped with a code.
  • External switch to trig chrono. Ideal for race.
  • Internal battery or external source power.
  • 2 programmable modes.
  • Programmable enable/disable buzzer.
  • Available with optional rainproof case.
  • Turn on a device for a specific time. Example: exposure lamp.
  • Trig an external device (alarm or other) after the countdown. (5 amp max).
  • Add  challenge for Military Tactical Simulation (MilSim) for Paintball enthusiast.
  • Time a race with a start/stop door or other.
  • Behavior of the output according to the chosen mode.

Countdown Timer Output


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