• Wireless Gyroscope Sensor for FPV Head Tracking, Robotics and More

Perfect for FPV head tracking, robotics, movement control and why not, video games control. Based on a standard Arduino Pro Mini card with ATmega328P microcontroller, the three-axis gyroscope allows you to track the movement of the head or arm and reproduce it to servo type motors. For DIYer who dream of making a FPV head tracking system at lower cost. Available in wireless or wired version, which can definitely meet your needs. This system has been specifically designed for electronics or robotics enthusiasts and students who want to build their own system but are less comfortable with advanced programming of accelerometers. You can use one or more axes (X, Y, Z) independently. Depending on your needs.





Z-Ita - Wireless set

The Z-Ita set includes the Zita wireless sensor/transmitter with a range of 30 to 50 feet. Its battery life is over 2 hours with a 45 minutes charge. The set also includes the Ita receiver, which transmits the received signals to the servos. It offers a choice of 16 channels in the frequency of 2.4Ghz. This allows to use more than one set nearby. It also offers the possibility to reverse the direction of the signals to fit your needs.

Need a very long range?

No problem

Simply use remote control relay like this.

Need even more possibilities?

You want to use the accelerometer signals to another type of application? Get the Iota or Z-ita set and plug it into your Arduino microcontroller according to the video and use the sketch file provided (which you can adapt to your needs), and look for new possibilities to suit your needs.

Download sketch here


Z-Ita set - Datasheet

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Wireless Gyroscope Sensor for FPV Head Tracking, Robotics and More

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