Arduino ProMini Breakout

Turn your messy Arduino projects
into a clean design for 2$*

Professional PCB to keep your Arduino Pro Mini Projects Tidy

Can hold multiple common Arduino peripherals in a minute for a fabulous look!

Product Details

Arduino ProMini Breakout

A clean and professional design with this small but versatile PCB based on Arduino Pro Mini board. With this card, you can make your Arduino project that can include wireless card like the popular NRF24L01 or WIFI (ESP8266) or Bluetooth HC06. In addition, your project can have a 2×16 LCD, a 4×4 keypad, two servos, a temperature sensor (1-wire) and an internal 3.7v li-po battery. All in one with this customizable PCB. If you consider the time you save for assembling without even thinking to save time of debugging. All that for less than $2*!

With this PCB you can use:
• Wireless cards NRF24L01 or WiFi ESP8266* or Bluetooth HC06 (one at a time)
• Supply voltage from 3.3 volts to 12 volts via 1.35mm power jack.
• Power source: Internal or external LiPo battery or power supply.
• Popular 2×16 LCD display (HD44780) with backlight and brightness trim .
• 1×4 or 4×4 keypad matrix.
• 2 servos direct pinout connectors.
• Temperature sensor (DS18S20) or other 1-wire device.

  •  Clean simple projet
  • Set up your project in a few minutes
  • No wiring debug
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio Frequency (RF)

*US currency. Price for one PCB, when buying in quantity.


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